Conference Papers

IGCMAT 2016 Submitted Papers

Name Paper Title Presentation
Wolfram FrankeStudy on Calcium Nitrate Impact on Carbonation of ConcreteComing Soon
Lauren Gomez-ZamoranoStructure, Compostion and Thermochemical Properties of C-(N)-S-H and N-A-S-H GelsComing Soon
Zachary GrasleyThe Role of Dissolution on Irreversible Deformation of Cement PasteComing Soon
Theodore HaneinLowering the Carbon Footprint and Energy Consumption of Cement Production: A Novel Calcium SulfoAluminate Cement Production ProcessComing Soon
R. Douglas HootonDeveloping Specifications to Enable Sustainable Binder Technologies in Robust and Durable ConcretesComing Soon
Christian HooverThe Nano- and Micro-Chemo-Mechanical Signature of Seeded Cementitious MaterialsComing Soon
William HunnicuttThe Effect of Aluminum Substitution in C-S-H on Viscoelastic Properties: Stress Relaxation NanoindentationComing Soon
O. Burkan IsgorReactive-Transport Modeling of the Pore Solution Chemistry Along the Steel and Concrete InterfaceComing Soon
Maria JuengerThe Future of Concrete May Be in Its Past: The Natural Pozzolan RenaissanceComing Soon
Kimberly KurtisConsider Functional Equivalence: A (Faster) Path to Upscaling Sustainable Infrastructure Materials CompositionsComing Soon
Michael LepechProbabilistic Design of Sustainable Concrete Infrastructure Using Multi-Physics Service Life ModelsComing Soon
Tyler LeyUsing Nano X-ray Imaging to Create Time-Dependent Three Dimensional Constitutive Maps of the Evolution of Cementitious MicrostructureComing Soon
Chrysoula LitinaPolymeric Microcapsules for Self-Healing Cement Based MaterialsComing Soon
Sean MonkmanUsing CO2 to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of ConcreteComing Soon
Narayanan NeithalathMicrostructure-Guided Constitutive Modeling for Random Heterogeneous Materials:Application to Novel Sustainable MaterialsComing Soon
Julien SanahujaMaterial Properties Prediction for Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants Civil Engineering Structures: Challenges at EDFComing Soon
Nhu Cuong TranMethodology of Taking Local Climate Data Into Concrete Carbonation Depth Prediction. Proposition of a Model Predicting Carbonation Depth Spatial Variation on Cooling TowersComing Soon
Newell WashburnControlling the Molecular Architecture of Admixtures with Radical PolymerizationComing Soon
Trevor WilliamsonFly-Ash Based Inorganic Polymers: Understanding the Precursor-to-Product Composition RelationshipsComing Soon

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